We're a full-service agency...

Asian Advertisers is a full-service agency, with a full spectrum of service offerings for TV, print, radio, outdoor and Internet advertising―including media planning and buying, sales promotion activities, PR, IR, marketing surveys and analysis, and digital contents development. To us, full service means exactly that: full service. Regardless of the size of your account, you always get our very best, and have access to all agency resources.

Product campaigns

The best way to promote your product is to runan entire campaign. Just let us know.We can plan, create and place a series of ads for you, or an integrated advertising, PR and sales promotion package that cuts through the clutter and delivers your message to your target.

Branding communication

Everyone knows the value of branding. But not every Japanese agency is as experienced at creating full-scale corporate or product branding campaigns as Asian Advertisers. We can help you with everything:from developing your brand concept and strategy, to isolating the genuine target group and ascertaining its needs, to developing and implementing integrated cross-media marketing communications strategies using TV, radio, print, Internet, and SP, PR―even CI and VI.

PR / IR activities

In addition to our advertising capabilities, we have a complete in-house PR capability. Our staff can offer you the optimum communication plan, including CSR reports, press releases, media relations activities, web activities, and more. Analysts and investors, of course, are an important audience for many of our clients, so through our affiliated IR specialist partners we can also offer you a spectrum of communications activities directed towards the investment community, whether stakeholders or target stakeholders.


Ideas are everything. And it's ideas that set Asian Advertisers apart. Whether you need an original concept, or an original way to trans-create something you already have, whether you need TV-CF, radio-CM, newspaper ads, magazine ads, Internet ads, or sales promotion and communication tools, our creative teams will come up with work you'll love. Let us show you what we can do. Let us win an award for you!

Market research

When it comes to market research, we can help you with anything from market analysis to brand awareness tracking surveys, competitors' trend analysis, advertising impact research, and creative concept testing. And we have highly skilled outside partners who can help you with even more.


Whether you need someone simply to place an ad for you, or you need to plan and purchase a complete multi-media mix for an integrated international campaign, we can take care of you.Our media team will provide you with cost-effective options for TV, radio, print, Internet and outdoor.

Event Promotion

Planning an event? Want to make an impact at a major trade fair or exhibition? Need help with anything from choosing a venue, to designing, constructing and promoting your booth, educating MCs, and developing audio/visual content? Asian Advertisers can help with all of that and more. We have the expertise and experience to plan, promote and/or run virtually any kind of event or lecture series.

Digital content development

Our digital contents and media repertoire includes the planning and development of web sites, a full range of web-based advertising, interactive DVD’s and catalogues, and much more. Need a web site for your Japanese operations? How about an e-commerce site? We're ready to help.

Major awards of our creative teams

Export Ads FCC Advertising Award, Institutional Investor Advertising Award, Business Week Advertising Award, and Nikkei English Advertising Award.
Domestic Ads Yomiuri Advertising Grand Prize, Nikkei Advertising Excellence Award, Japan Kogyo Shimbun Industrial Advertising Award, Japan Industrial Advertising Award, Japan Newspaper Association Award, Japan Computer Advertising Award, and Consumer Advertising Award.